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Meet the Invincible Women


Invincible Women

Conversations with 21 Inspiring and Successful American Immigrants

Immerse yourself in the first-person success stories told by American writers, artists, philanthropists, scientists, business executives, and chefs—all immigrants who struggled against racism, sexism, and abuse to become influencers and role models in their adopted country.

Compiled at a time when immigrants living the United States or seeking to come here are labeled unworthy and undesirable, these inspiring accounts are particularly relevant and hopeful. You’ll discover how acclaimed author Isabel Allende uses her writing to explore cultural memories and oppressive political themes that shaped her early life. Olga Murray saved young women in Nepal from enslavement and continues to help build schools and hospitals for needy children and their families.

Wafaa El-Sadr, an infectious disease specialist, has developed family- and community-based programs to help people living with AIDS. Doris Schechter fled the Holocaust and now manages a Kosher restaurant, writes cookbooks, and produces documentaries. Jacqueline Murekatete narrowly survived the Rwandan genocide and now helps others face their survival guilt and re-establish trusting relationships.

Get ready to meet all of the invincible women originally from Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Chile, Egypt, Haiti, India, Iran, Israel, Rwanda, Serbia, Pakistan, South Korea, and Transylvania.

Praise of Invincible Women

"I’m so inspired by the journeys of these incredible women, especially Ilana Goor, a brilliant artist, designer, sculptor, and my dearest friend and creative inspiration. Women carry the weight of change on their shoulders; we create life, we problem solve, we persevere, we collaborate, we communicate, we make change in the world. I am excited for everyone to read Invincible Women, be inspired, and continue to share their stories."

- Donna Karan
Fashion Designer and Creator of DKNY

“Remarkable stories of women who challenge our preconceptions, elevate our spirits, and renew our faith in this nation’s promise.”

- Rabbi David Wolpe
The Max Webb Senior Rabbi of Sinai Temple
Author of David: The Divided Heart

"Invincible Women is a celebration. Bilha Chesner Fish’s book gifts readers with rich personal interviews with women who came to this country—as she did—as immigrants, confronted multiple obstacles, and rose to positions of influence in many different fields. The stories are powerful and moving. Bilha has done a great service in eliciting and sharing them."

- Emita Hill
Author, Northern Harvest and Bronx Faces and Voices
Recipient in 2019 of an honorary doctorate in humane letters from Indiana University

"Immigrants have always served to advance the culture, science, and compassion of American society, and Bilha’s excellent interviews provide compelling evidence. I will be sure to encourage my students, most of whom are immigrants and children of immigrants, to read and be reassured by the successful women in this book."

- Mary C. Pearl, PhD
Dean, Macaulay Honors College of
the City University of New York

"Dr. Bilha Fish has given us another look at those who braved enormous obstacles abroad and in the United States to become American citizens.
These women are the living testament to why we must be a nation that welcomes potential talent from everywhere, and women from anywhere.
Thank you, Dr. Fish, for this gift. We must pass it on to as many as we can,lest we ever forget or ignore the lessons in these pages."

- Edie Weiner
Futurist, Author, President
and CEO, The Future Hunters

"I enjoyed everything about this book there was nothing I didn't like about the book. Ilike the setting, the writing style, the plot, the plot twists and the characters in the book were amazing. I would gladly reread it again."

- Nicole Bannister
Goodreads, Blogger, Youtuber, Consumer Reviewer