The Time Was Right to Write

By Bilha Fish

My book project started with my concern about the future about the somber reality of refugees who hoped to immigrate to the United States.

But then I started writing and interviewing and it became so much more. “Invincible Women” isn’t about xenophobia and anger. It is a book about amazing women and their stories of courage and success. 

I’m grateful for the opportunity to explore these issues through the journeys shared by the women in my book. The opportunity I offer as you read about their achievements and how they got to where they are today represent role models to others. 

Nothing and no one could stop these individuals from accomplishing what they did in business, art and science, despite being victimized and assaulted for being immigrants and refugees. They have grit.

Hearing what they have been through will give us all hope and strength to endure whatever, or whomever, comes next.

Why did I write this book? Because our nation is in trouble. Because I am scared that immigrants and refugees will continue to be devalued. Because we can learn from the women I talked to about what it takes to be a hero and mentor.

Because I am an American immigrant who became a doctor. Because this environment of fear and distrust truly hit home with me and I felt that I needed to do something to create a better legacy.

So, I interviewed all these great women, first-generation Americans achievers who were born in different far away countries such as India, Pakistan, Armenia, Korea, Israel, and Rwanda, and whom America offered the opportunity to live, to thrive and to give back. And along the way they had the help of uncelebrated and unknown immigrants, often their parents.

Together this community of immigrants weaves the tapestry of which America is made. They produce a blanket to keep us warm.

That blanket, I fear, is fragile and showing strain. I fear it may presently be ripped apart.