"This is a pathbreaking book and Dr. Bilha Fish is a quadruple threat: doctor, entrepreneur, artist and writer! I was so impressed by Dr. Fish's astute questions for each of her subjects; for the revealing and intimate answers she elucidated—and the natural way in which she crafted those answers. There is no doubt that you are a gifted writer. More to come, I hope!"
Fredrica Friedman
President, Fredrica S. Friedman & Co., Inc.
Literary Management

"I’m so inspired by the journeys of these incredible women, especially Ilana Goor, a brilliant artist, designer, sculptor, and my dearest friend and creative inspiration. Women carry the weight of change on their shoulders; we create life, we problem solve, we persevere, we collaborate, we communicate, we make change in the world. I am excited for everyone to read Invincible Women, be inspired, and continue to share their stories."


- Donna Karan


"Immigrants have always served to advance the culture, science, and compassion of American society, and Bilha’s excellent interviews provide compelling evidence. I will be sure to encourage my students, most of whom are immigrants and children of immigrants, to read and be reassured by the successful women in this book."


- Mary C. Pearl, PhD


“Remarkable stories of women who challenge our preconceptions, elevate our spirits, and renew our faith in this nation’s promise.”


- Rabbi David Wolpe

Invincible Women

Conversations with 21 Inspiring
and Successful American Immigrants

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